Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lists from the World

Yes, we will be back in Boston soon. But, I wouldn't call it home. Home to me now seems like the world. I feel connected in some ways to every place we've visited, and certainly to many people everywhere. A trip like this makes clear how we are all alike, interdependent, with similar wants and needs. We need to learn to work together to accomplish those.

Please continue to check in for awhile as we do some "clean-up" of our files and pictures, and add comments about the trip. Some people have suggested we write a book, which we might pursue. We'd love your thoughts on what you liked, which of my stories you found boring, which pictures you liked best, what parts of the world you'd like to hear more of, etc. (For our foreign friends, this does not mean to write in and suggest we tell me more about YOUR country. This means you Orestis!)

Believe it or not, we haven't even written about some of the funniest, adventurous and scariest episodes of the trip. The drunken jerks with the gun in Ireland, the physical attack in South America, the Interrogation Room behind the Iron Curtain, and the best salesman in the world, the guys selling corn husks rolled in powdered cheese to children in Mexico. They were lining up for it!

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So, to get everyone started here are some lists I've started:

Top Ten Lists:

Top Ten Things I Miss:

1) Friends and family
2) Good pillows and mattresses
3) Hot Showers
4) Kermit Ruffins live in New Orleans
5) Coaching youth baseball
6) Good meat and steaks on the grill!
7) My music collection
8) Relaxing in nature with clean air and water
9) Watching a good movie at home with some popcorn
10) Building cool stuff with my tools

Things from Around the World I Will Miss:

1) All the friends we have made!
2) Buffalo Mo Mo’s in Nepal
3) Rodesio in Brasil
4) Parking Toys in Bangkok
5) 50 cent tacos in Mexico
6) Caparinha’s from Brasil
7) The friendliness and positive attitude of the Thai and Brazilian people
8) Philippe the baby Giant Anteater
9) $1 fried chicken plates in Bolivia
10) Just Riding the Motorcycle every day, Woo Hoo!

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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine did a cross country bicycle trip, blogged it, and then turned it into a nice little book via

I recommend doing that at a minimum. The books are as good as you can get in the store and you can order them one at a time.

- Art