Monday, March 10, 2008

Technicolor Island.

Yesterday after Kevin and Sean went surfing at sunrise accompanied by dozens of sea turtles, we took the Hana highway to the east of Maui. It is a super windy road along the coast dotted with waterfalls and roadside vendors offering delicious sweets and crafts. At night, Sean worked hard on an ice sculpture for an upcoming wedding.

Today we drove to Lahaina on a road that skirted the azure ocean and sometimes was so narrow that we barely fit on it in our borrowed Toyota truck, "brother-cuz" Sean's surf-mobile. We stopped several times to look at the humpback whales that appeared in the horizon in the midst of their mating season.

Tonight we walked across the street to Sean's friends' home (Malcolm and Poni) for a fantastic Hawaiian BBQ, complete with opihi (look it up!!!) and home-made banana bread...hmmmm, delicious.

Tomorrow we fly back to the mainland and clear across the country to you-know-where.

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Anonymous said...

"sweets and crafts" I read as Seals & Crofts. Like "We may never pass this way again..." Fitting - but far too generic, yacht-rock 70's for you two.

So glad you're back. Because it's time to plan to next bead-whore adventure! *kisses* - d.