Monday, May 19, 2008

Baseball -N- BBQ

Kevin had another very busy weekend as a youth baseball coach. The Sound End Baseball league was invited to participate in a tournament against the Back Bay League and Kevin was asked to coach along with three other dedicated coaches. They put together a great team with players from as many teams as possible in order to give lots of kids the opportunity to play. The tournament began bright and early on Saturday morning under cloudy skies, but by the time I walked over to the gorgeous field by the Charles river, the sun was out and the day had turned from drab to glorious! The South End team won both their games on that day, far out-scoring the teams they played. They won one game 17-0! In fact, they were the number one seed going into the elimination rounds on Sunday.

On Saturday night, we headed over to coach Scott's new home (which he shares with his new bride Kelly) for more baseball talk and some delicious grub off the grill. The coaches spent most of the evening going over their "stratigerie". Coach Scott also spent a significant amount of time chasing his crafty cat, Calvin, who escaped from the house every chance he got!

Alas the strategizing was all for naught as the South End team was eliminated after their second game on Sunday in a hard-fought loss against a team from Southie. Final score 4-3. Oh well, you can't win them all!! Just don't tell Kevin.

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Ninad said...

hey Kevin & Clara... just read through few posts on your blog and am simply amazed by all the wonderful pictures and the posts about the places you visited.. hope you guys are doing good!