Monday, May 26, 2008

Great day for a ride...

This Memorial Day weekend Kevin decided to take some well-deserved time off from work, so I've had him to myself all weekend and its been great!
On Saturday we walked to the hatch-shell by the Charles river for "Earthfest 08". We enjoyed some free health food and a free concert by legendary Ska band English Beat. Kevin busted some great moves and schooled many of the younger generation in the art of Skanking. In the afternoon we picked up some of the kids from the Giants and brought them home for a pizza party and screening of the original Bad News Bears.

Yesterday we brought out the bikes and took our first ride together since Turkey. The day could not have been any more perfect as we rode south-east to Freetown, MA to see our friend Jim run a hare scramble. On our way there, we were consumed on the road by a big procession of Harleys and rode with them for some time. It felt fantastic to be on the road again and I didn't want to stop riding until we crossed a border or something. In fact, I kept checking for our (absent) passports in my pocket! We spent the afternoon with Jim, his girlfriend Dixie, daughter Gianna and nephew Matt.

Then, after we had left the track and were enjoying some Wendy's, our other friend Raoul joined us on his trike.

At night, Raoul, Kevin and I joined our friends Alexa and Scott at the movies to see what turned out to be one of the worst movies of all time: the new Indiana Jones. Wow, I can't even describe what a hunk of junk that movie is from beginning to end. Then, to add insult to injury, we watched a bit of Speed Racer before finally calling it a night only to discover that my car had been towed!!!! After several fruitless calls to the city police dept, state police dept and a few towing companies, we still had no idea where my car had been taken because it wasn't in anybody's records so we started to think for a minute that maybe the car had actually been stolen. Finally, we were lucky enough to run into a state trooper who had pulled someone over for speeding and he gave us the information about where my car had been taken. So, at about 1am we finally rescued my cruiser from the tow lot and were heading home. Even the bad evening hours couldn't ruin the high I had from the day's ride and we all went to sleep happy.

Today we will be joining our friends Mike and Diana for a BBQ at their new place in Waltham. The day is gorgeous and we're looking forward to some great music, good food and lots of stories from past good times.

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